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Installing Wine to Linux Mint

Steps to install and run Wine 6 on Linux Mint 64-bit system.

Step 1: Update System

Before installing programs, it is good practice to update the system. This is done using the command line using these steps: Type at the command line and then press ‘ENTER’ after each line typed:

$ lscpu

To check what system, you are running the command below will list what CPU is in use.


To install Wine on a 64-bit Mint system, type the following command in Terminal:


$ sudo apt install wine64 or $ sudo apt install wine32 for a 32-bit system


To agree to the installation prompt: Type ‘y’ and then press ‘ENTER’.

$ wine --version

Once the installation of Wine is completed, you can verify it using the following command in Terminal:


The above command can be used to check the installed version of Wine.

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