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Tomato Soup

Cooking your own tomato soup is easy and rewarding. There are many benefits from making your own tomato soup, such as, you know what ingredients have gone into it and the lack of additives, like colourants, stabilizers, and preservatives that are used in commercially produced products.

This is my recipe; it makes enough for 4 large meals for two people (we freeze unused). You can vary the ingredients to vary your own needs, likes, or dislikes, so, feel free to experiment.



1000 grams of sweet tomatoes

3 x large carrots

3 x large onions

4 x sticks of celery

2 x whole garlics

6 x fresh mint leaves (or a tablespoon of dried mint)

1 Litre of vegetable stock (either you own, or I use 2 x Knorr vegetable stock pot (112g))

2x tablespoons of Tomato Puree

20 grams Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8 grams granulated sugar

2g table salt

2g pepper

The chef in black apron cuts vegetables.
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